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The extension of your team in Asia

Having your own team gives you complete control and transparency in your operations in Asia.

Brasia manages its employees in Asia. We can control salary and contribution payments, attendance and vacations, employment contracts, expense reimbursements and a host of other services.

Recruitment & Hiring

Brasia is looking for key professionals in the market to improve the development of its business plan in Hong Kong and China.

Our service includes:
– Search for professionals with specific profiles desired by your company;
– Receipt of CVs and selection of suitable candidates for each position;
– Interview process;
– Negotiation of salary package benefits and advice on local social contributions;
– Drafting of employment contracts in accordance with local regulations.


Brasia advises your company on the appropriate visa and will help prepare all the necessary documentation to obtain visas for your foreign employees and their dependents.

Attendance, vacation and leave control

Brasia acts as part of your HR team to control your employees' vacation, sick leave, attendance and holidays.

Administration of benefits and social charges

Brasia advises on local social contributions and applicable income tax, offering advice on the benefits available in the market.  We can take care of social contribution registration, income tax forms for your company and your employees, preparation of tax exemption applications and liaising with local tax and government authorities.


Brasia calculates the salaries, benefits and social contributions of its employees and prepares the detailed monthly payroll.

Travel planning and management

Your employees can count on Brasia's support to organize their business trips and training. Brasia coordinates travel itineraries, organizes transport and accommodation, provides quotes, makes reservations, changes and cancellations.

If you are interested in going ahead with the project to start your company in Hong Kong or China, contact one of our Client Advisors to discuss the next steps.

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