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Abrir empresa em Hong Kong

Company opening Hong Kong

  • Incorporation and registration in Hong Kong

  • Corporate secretary

  • Business and registration address

  • Bank account opening support

Abrir empresa na China

Company opening in China

Incorporation, registration and licenses for:

  • WFOE 100% foreign capital

  • Joint ventures

  • Representative Office (RO)

  • Factories, warehouses and tradings

Contabilidade e Auditoria

Accounting and Auditing

  • Accounting

  • Auditing

  • Financial and management reports

  • SAP software

Back Office na China

Back Office

  • Issuance of invoices

  • Reissue of documents

  • Change of BL and CO

Fornecedores da China

Sourcing and Shipment Control

  • Search and pre-selection of potential suppliers

  • Contact, negotiation and relationship with factories

  • Order placement and production tracking

Contabilidade e Auditoria na China

Human Resources Solutions

  • Recruitment and hiring

  • Visa

  • Payroll

  • Administration of benefits and social charges

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