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Your company in Hong Kong – Accounting & Auditing

Companies in Hong Kong must maintain annual accounting records and appoint an external auditor.

The auditor must be a member of the Hong Kong Society of Accountants and hold a local certificate. It is also required to file accounts with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue. The Chinese government also requires accurate and reliable accounting records.

Through our specialized team of accountants, in addition to meeting local requirements, Brasia offers the issuance of financial and management reports, according to the standard and frequency that you need.


​This is an office created by a company to carry out marketing, quality control and other non-operational transactions. This office is not considered a separate legal entity and may hire a limited number of employees. This type of office cannot make or receive payments.

Financial and management reports

We also issue financial reports in Brazilian reais (BRL) and in Portuguese, in accordance with Brazilian accounting standards, or any other standard applicable to your country, if necessary.
We can provide different types of management or forecast reports for your company.
Our reports can also be provided in Brazilian Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin, English and other languages.


Brasia works in partnership with accredited external auditors. We coordinate the entire audit and communication process with the auditors, from sending information, clarifying questions, reviewing audited accounts, to approving and signing the necessary documents.

Use of SAP Software

We use SAP software for a good control and handling of your accounting records.


If you are interested in going ahead with the project to start your company in Hong Kong, contact one of our Client Advisors to discuss the next steps.

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