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Hong Kong ends all restrictions to visitors

As of this Wednesday, December 14th 2023, Hong Kong ends all travel restrictions on any visitor arriving in the city who tests negative for Covid-19. Hong Kong's head of government, John Lee Ka-chiu, announced the new measures ahead of the weekly meeting with the Executive Council.

So far, anyone arriving in the administrative region of Hong Kong has been obliged to comply with the "0+3" regime, not required to quarantine in a hotel, but having three days of medical management at home, maintaining the yellow code that prohibited, for example, entering restaurants. With the new measure, Hong Kong adopts the "0+0" regime and all arrivals in the territory with a negative Covid test will have a blue code, meaning that travelers will be able to walk freely around the city.

According to the new rules, those who test positive keep the red code and are obliged to respect the current isolation protocol.

Under the easing of restrictions announced by Hong Kong, travelers to mainland China and Macau will no longer be required to undergo pre-departure testing at checkpoints and will only be required to take a PCR test 48 hours before departure. Foreign visitors who meet these requirements can enter the mainland and Macao directly through the ports of Hong Kong.

"The decisions were based on data and risks. The infection risk from imported cases is lower than the risk from local infections. We believe that lifting of the measures will not increase the risk of local outbreaks", said Lee during the announcement.

Source: SCMP – daily local publication in English


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